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ESPN’s Sound on With Tari and Amari (2020-Present) is a weekly halftime show dedicated to college women’s lacrosse where we share insights and interview notable players.

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Sufficiently Black (2019-2022) was a podcast focused on discussing issues that work to dismantle Black female stereotypes, such as colorism, natural hair, and Black mothering. Supported by our thorough reporting and interviews, hosts Kia, Janae, and I deep-dived into Black womanhood, identity, and culture through a critical lens as we navigated our way through adulthood.

Athlete Unlimited’s Draft Off With Tari and Amari (2021) was a YouTube show where Tari and I pitted draft picks against one another during the inaugural lacrosse season. In addition to hosting, I wrote, edited, and produced episodes for distribution. 

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