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Dentist | Creator | Syracuse, NY

To understand the cultural imprint of Clarks on Jamaica, we teamed up with real Jamaicans to explore how the brand has influenced them and what it means to walk through life in a pair of Clarks. 

Clarks may not be of Jamaica, but Dr. Brian Pollard believes it is just as important to the country's DNA as Bob Marley and reggae music. Similar to how reggae revolutionized Jamaica, Clarks has transformed the way Jamaicans move through life and allows them to strut without pause. "No matter what comes and goes, Clarks will always be there," says Brian. 

His love affair with Clarks started when he was just 13 years old, living in the heart of 1970s Jamaica. Back in those days, his collection was small and nowhere near the 15 pairs he owns today, but his Clarks never failed him as he walked more than 14 miles around New Kingston every week. In Jamaica, extensive ambling is the rule rather than the exception, and as such, keeping feet strong and comfortable is prioritized. 

For more than 30 years now, Brian has taken up space in the United States, and he’s done so under the guidance of his Jamaican upbringing — with an understanding of what it means to toil, to be resilient and to recognize worth — all in his Clarks. 

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Sometimes, finding your roots is just a matter of finding the right pair of shoes to ground the soles of your feet. 

Sometimes, finding your roots is just a matter of finding the right pair of shoes to ground the soles of your feet. 

Brian loves this style because it's reminiscent of Clarks' Trek Sport, which is now discontinued. Throughout college, and later dental school, Brian always had at least one pair in his closet. 

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This is Brian's go-to shoe for traveling. The Oakland Lace can accompany him on any outing, whether it's casual, business, or semi-formal. Brian calls it Clarks' most versatile shoe. So, instead of packing multiple pairs of shoes, he can just pack one.

Similar to the Desert Trek, the Seam Trek is comfortable and perfect for walking. Brian says they have a sneaker-like feel to them. He wears his pair often.

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