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My Father & I Both Connect With Jamaica Through The Same Good Pair Of Shoes – Bustle


Pollard: I Haven't Breathed In Years – Inside Lacrosse 

Does Sex Make You Nervous? Here’s How To Develop A Healthier Relationship With Sex – MindBodyGreen

Sorry, white people: Black women are not trying to save you – The Week

Taking Up Space as a Black Woman Is a Revolutionary Act – XQ

I Couldn’t Look at My Body Until I Learned How to Appreciate It – Popsugar 

How The Obamas Helped Normalize The 'Black Family' – Blavity

Let's talk about situationships – The Week

What the Diverse Cast of ‘The Bold Type’ Says About Publishing – Ed2010

Healing Syracuse: Where To Begin? – WAER


Inside Out: How Shanta Loecker is Championing Inclusivity from Off the Field – Inside Lacrosse 

2020 Girls' Recruiting Issue: We Are… No. 1 – Inside Lacrosse 

Pollard: ‘I Had To Break In Order For Athletic Staff To Properly Recognize My Pain’ – Inside Lacrosse 

The WNBA just signed a huge airtime deal with CBS Sports – The Week 

Pose's Janet Mock strikes historic deal with Netflix – The Week 

Gossip Girl reboot is coming to HBO Max – The Week 


The 8 Best Moisturizers for Rosacea of 2021 – VeryWell Health

11 Must-Have Sex Toys for Lesbian Couples and Singles – Prevention Mag

20 Everyday Acts of Racism That Don’t Get Talked About Enough – Reader's Digest


Ethel's Club's Naj Austin On The Power Of Wellness Spaces Made For People Of Color – MindBodyGreen


Gold Medalist Dominique Dawes: Parenthood Is More Exhausting Than Olympic Training – Parents 

Join the Conversation to 'Wipe Out' Diaper Need – Parents 

We'll Have the Shot, Thanks! – Parents 

The Hosts of Pantsuit Politics – Parents 


Finding Cynthia – Women of Upstate New York magazine

Elizabeth Hendrickson: Forever Young And Restless – Women of Upstate New York magazine

Bridget Moynahan – Women of Upstate New York magazine

Swimming Down the Creek With Kim Monroe – Women of Upstate New York magazine



This Is How You Should Really Format a Business Letter – Reader's Digest

6 Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health at Work – Ed2010

How to Survive Networking When You’re Socially Awkward – Ed2010

Where to Find Your Writing Support Group – Ed2010


Facebook is under fire yet again for enabling housing discrimination – The Week 

65 percent of U.S. retailers will now accept Apple Pay – The Week

Scientists design 'smart' tattoos that monitor your health –

The Cost Of Living In A Mobile World – WAER

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