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Here are selected clips from Amari's portfolio. Her work has been featured on websites such as The Week, Bustle, MindBodyGreen, Reader's Digest, Parents, Popsugar, Inside Lacrosse and more. 


My Father & I Both Connect With Jamaica Through The Same Good Pair Of Shoes — Bustle 

Does Sex Make You Nervous? Here’s How To Develop A Healthier Relationship With Sex — MindBodyGreen

Sorry, white people: Black women are not trying to save you — The Week

I Couldn’t Look at My Body Until I Learned How to Appreciate It — Popsugar 

How The Obamas Helped Normalize The 'Black Family' — Blavity

Let's talk about situationships — The Week

What the Diverse Cast of ‘The Bold Type’ Says About Publishing — Ed2010

Healing Syracuse: Where To Begin? — WAER

8 Valuable Life-Saving Lessons I Learned from My Dad’s Type 1 Diabetes — Reader's Digest 


Chelsea Clinton pivots off Samantha Bee controversy to complain about Ted Nugent — The Week 

Chelsea Clinton slams Trump tweet defending Ivanka sitting in G-20 meeting — Syracuse.com

Poll: Most Americans think NFL players kneeling isn't unpatriotic — The Week

Merck, Under Armour CEOs resign from Trump's American Manufacturing Council — Syracuse.com

No one in America can afford a 2-bedroom apartment on minimum wage — The Week

DHS plans to collect social media information on immigrants — Syracuse.com


Gold Medalist Dominique Dawes: Parenthood Is More Exhausting Than Olympic Training — Parents 

12 Movies from Your Childhood That Your Kids Will Love — Reader's Digest

Join the Conversation to 'Wipe Out' Diaper Need — Parents 

12 Things Your School Bus Driver Wishes You Knew — Reader's Digest

We'll Have the Shot, Thanks! — Parents 

The Hosts of Pantsuit Politics — Parents 

SPORTS & Entertainment 

Lauren Murray: Playing in Harmony — Inside Lacrosse 

WPLL Proves It’s About More Than Just Lacrosse With Pro Days — Inside Lacrosse

Carole Kleinfelder: Life After Lacrosse — Inside Lacrosse 

The WNBA just signed a huge airtime deal with CBS Sports — The Week 

Pose's Janet Mock strikes historic deal with Netflix — The Week 

Gossip Girl reboot is coming to HBO Max — The Week 


Amari D. Pollard’s Success Story — Experience Life 

Why Coffee Makes You Poop—and How to Delay the Urge — Reader's Digest

5 Way To Pull It Together When The Funk Is F*cking You Up — Elite Daily

13 Amazing Health Benefits of Peppermint — Reader's Digest 

5 Things You Learn To Do If You're The 'Duff' Of Your Friend Group — Elite Daily 

8 Things Doctors Wish You Knew About Using Dandelion Root for Detox — Reader's Digest 


Finding Cynthia — Women of Upstate New York magazine

Elizabeth Hendrickson: Forever Young And Restless — Women of Upstate New York magazine

Bridget Moynahan — Women of Upstate New York magazine

Swimming Down the Creek With Kim Monroe — Women of Upstate New York magazine

Jessimae Peluso: The Love of Laugher — Women of Upstate New York magazine

Jacque Tara-Washington — Women of Upstate New York magazine



This Is How You Should Really Format a Business Letter — Reader's Digest

6 Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health at Work — Ed2010

How to Survive Networking When You’re Socially Awkward — Ed2010

Where to Find Your Writing Support Group — Ed2010

This Just In: You Need to Find Your Side Hustle — Ed2010

5 Reasons Why You Should Take a Lunch Break — Ed2010


Facebook is under fire yet again for enabling housing discrimination — The Week 

65 percent of U.S. retailers will now accept Apple Pay — The Week

Scientists design 'smart' tattoos that monitor your health — Syracuse.com

The Cost Of Living In A Mobile World — WAER

Wisconsin tech company employees can get microchips implanted into their hands — Syracuse.com 

The Grand Chittenango: Getting Tech-y With It — WAER